Kim Kramer loves the same things most of us love: her husband, her three boys, and chocolate (not necessarily in that order). A native of the Midwest, Kim settled north of Boston in the seaside town of Marblehead to raise her family. And that’s where the idea for Dipt was born.

“Growing up in Cleveland, chocolate-covered popcorn was always one of my favorite treats. Every time we went to special events like graduations or weddings there were always chocolate-covered dessert trays and they went FAST! But when I moved to Marblehead over 10 years ago, companies who specialized in chocolate-covered creations were scarce. I knew there was a business opportunity there but at the time we were raising three boys and life was too hectic to develop a business. But I never let the idea go.”

In 2008, Kim’s youngest son went to kindergarten, giving her the spare time she needed to cultivate a business plan.  She did her research, ordered a few pounds of specialty chocolate, and started creating.

By October 2009, Kim dipped her first two trays of chocolate—one for a dinner party and the other for a condolence call. Within two days the phone started ringing and almost two years later, it hasn’t stopped.
Dipt was born.

Dipt was mostly a word-of-mouth business until Kim created a Dipt fan page on Facebook. The decadent hand-dipped and drizzled creations had a growing fan base and the timing was right for

From there, the Dipt line expanded to offer Dipt-to-go mini treat boxes, Dipt trays for larger events, Dipt gift boxes, and an endless array of custom Dipt creations.

At Dipt, each decadent chocolate gift is custom made and creatively presented as handmade edible art.  The possibilities are two are alike.  If you can imagine it, Kim can bring your creation to life.

So whether you're looking for a memorable dessert for your holiday table, a unique gift, or
fabulous centerpieces and favors for your special event...Dipt will surely impress!

“Because everything’s better in chocolate.”

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