"Kim, The trays were THE biggest hit at the party Saturday night!  They were perfect for the dessert table.... and there was NOTHING left by the end of the night! Thank you soooo much---They were the talk of the party!! I will be calling you for wedding help!! Thank you again..."
- Cheryl S.

"Your deliveries last year were such a hit that we'd like to place another with you this year. Dr. Daniel and Jaclyn Moheban were so excited by the feedback our referring offices sent out after they received the gifts. Thank you for doing such a beautiful and delicious job."
- Children's Dentists of Worcester

"The Dipt tray is best statement piece!"
- Julie S.

"The platters are a work of art and can hold their own as a centerpiece.....hated to break into it!! And ohhhh all those delicious yummy treats! Just placed another Dipt order and will definitely be placing more.....Thanks!"
- Patty G.

"I ordered two huge trays from Dipt for the Cohen Hillel Academy 8th Grade graduation last year . . to say the least, they were the most beautiful part of the dessert tables and were the first things to go . . people were raving about them! Thanks Kim!!!"
- Betsy M. 

"So special....love the packaging, and the hand dipt potato chips......out of this world!"
- Amy M.

"Beautiful and beyond yummy!!!! Thanks!"
- Liza G.

I just got a retirement basket full of chocolaty goodness! Wow!
- Patrick R.

I tasted the Matzo Munch yesterday! It's a "must order" for your Passover table!! So yummy and it makes a gorgeous presentation. Great job Kim!
- Kathleen L.

Just received your yummy concoctions as a gift--WOW--what a treat!
-Jane M.

Our package arrived today. We already ate half of it. Next time we will order 2 pounds. We love the chocolate covered popcorn. Thanks for everything!
- Beth D.

Thanks so much for the most delicious goodie tray.  It was the hit of the "shiva table" and you are going to be getting lots of new orders from so many that were here.
- Barbara S.

The packaging is great and so are the products.
- Lois H.